Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SUN MOUNTAIN 50k... Only 6 Weeks Away!

On the May Long weekend there is a crew from PACE that will head down for the 25km, 50k or 50mile race in Winthrop Washington.  I am excited for this weekend, as it will be the first training weekend for Sarah and I together.  Our goal is to use the weekend as a 4 day training block with the 3rd day being the 50k race.  It will not only be a challenging weekend as far as mileage and training hours go, but it will mark the first race Sarah and I will run together :) 

This week I have felt pretty good about my training.  After the last two weeks of only having 30min here and there I was feeling like I just wasn't prioritizing myself.  So I made some goals, wrote the workouts out and so far have stuck to the plan.  I made time on Monday morning for a spin and rehab'sh glute and hamstring strength.  Tuesday I headed to the greenway and did 8x 1km intervals.  I want to build these up, but I need to start small.  I was happy I had no knee pain or IT issues.  (knees were sore and IT tight after the long run last Saturday)

Today I am going to do the hill workout I will be coaching the trail clinic tonight.  I find if I don't go early to do my own workout, I can't do a good job as a coach and athlete in the same session.  My committment is to helping my athletes on Wednesday night, therefore I need to take time to do my own training earlier in the day.

I am hoping to get out on the mountain bike this weekend and back it with a two longer runs.  I have a new mountain bike I haven't been on yet and a 6hr enduro race coming up in 5 weeks... the weekend before Sun Mountain!

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