Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Canadian Girls on the Bike

Well, after my post on Friday, my big training goals for this weekend started to crumble.  1hr40min into my long run Saturday my left ankle jammed and it was really painful.  I ran out approx. 3km on it and by the time I got back to the meet the group to head out again, I had to get off it.  Sarah tried to adjust it a few times and it just didn't budge.  It was one of those moments where I knew if one of my athletes came up to me and asked me what they should do, I would send them home.  So I wouldn't be setting a very good example if I then went and ran through it. 

I did drive directly home and jump on the road bike/trainer for an additional 45min before I got a message that I could get in to see one of my friends and massage therapists.  My left side has been giving me some general issues since my surgery and in a nutshell, causing me more grief than I expected it to.  So after a 2hr treatment, I was a little discouraged, but remaining optimistic.

We had Michael and Suzanne & Sarah and Jason over for dinner.  Sarah and I wanted to cook dinner for them as a thank you for all their help with planning our trip.  These two have been up until all times in the morning calling guesthouses from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy for us.  They have managed to book 7 out of 8 stage towns for us!!  Such a huge help and great friends.  We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed amazing company.  They also brought some photos of their cycling trips to Europe for us to see... beautiful!

Instead of 'Two CDN Girls on the Run'... today we were on Two CDN Girls on the bike!  Like many of our friends, it often comes down to rock, paper, scissors or scheduling split shifts between Trent and I for when we will get a workout in around family time and parenting.  Today, Trent went out early to do the Sunday road ride, so I got the 2nd shift and met Sarah at the Bean Scene at 12:30pm.  The morning was beautiful and I was so excited to ride.  As I got two blocks away from the coffee shop though, it started to hail and snow!  This was the view from outside the Honda

It actually only got worse for the 1/2hr to follow this, but Sarah and set out anyhow.  Full on booties, leggings, jackets and headbands... we headed out towards lakeshore to get some hills in and some laughs.  We had a great ride... Sarah rode really strong, despite not being on her road bike for the last 2 years.  I wouldn't have know had she not told me.  It was a cold and wet start, but most of the ride warmed up and we found dry roads.  It only started to rain/sleet again in the last 5km back to the coffee shop.

We had a great 2hr ride with some solid efforts on the climbs and good bonding on the flats, when we could both actually talk :)  I am really excited to spend more time training with Sarah, it was a lot of fun today.

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