Monday, April 18, 2011

Express Road Riding Camp

It was a full day of helping others workout and stay on track with their fitness goals today!  I had a busy day at Global Fitness Centre and then went straight into preparation for the Express Road Riding Clinic my husband and I coach for Kelowna Cycle.

It was another cold day and it did rain/snow just 45min before the clinic started... but that didn't stop the newbies of the sport from showing up to learn the inside scoop of cycling and build some confidence!

Everyone did a great job and we had fun working through a bunch of drills with them for the last portion on the grass.  We had no crashes this clinic (smile) and this group had incredible balance and was a lot of fun.

I went to see David today and he worked on my left side.  He got on my scar or the first time and did some A.R.T. which was extremely uncomfortable but felt good at the same time.  I got saw Sarah last week and Evano on Saturday too.  I am in such good hands I am sure I am going to resolve the issues that are steaming from my scar soon.  I am lucky to have such great professionals and friends in my life.

Tomorrow morning is an early one and HELL HILL awaits... hope it won't be too cold and my ankle holds up!  We'll see... at least I have the green light to run.  (as long as it doesn't jam again)

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