Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It was easier than I thought getting up at 5am for hill repeats this morning.  It wasn't until I got outside and realized that it was -2 degrees that it got a little harder :)

Karen & Alana were already coming down their first repeat when I was 1/2 way up my first climb.  I couldn't believe how chilly it was!  BUT it was also a beautiful morning and we got to see the sunrise while suffering on this infamous trail the PACE crew has named HELL HILL.

I was super slow today.  My legs just burned on the first climb and I was 2.5minutes slower on each ascent and 1.5min slower on the descents.  I was taking the descents easy on purpose, as I wanted to see how my ankle would hold up and didn't want to jam it and only get in one climb.  But the ascents were just a slog and didn't much improve.

Regardless, I was content with the effort of driving across town at 5:30am to build in some elevation and I was happy to be out with my friends.  On my last repeat the sun was coming up and it was actually really, really beautiful.  Reminded me of just how good life is and that it is worth getting up early for moments like these.

Tonight I was asked to come down to the running room, as a guest speaker to discuss trail running and training.  It was a really positive night and I am very glad for the opportunity.  Even if it just inspired one person to try the wonderful world of trail running, I would be happy :)  A great group of roadies and it felt good to reach out into the community tonight.

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