Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Weekend

Last night's PACE workout was awesome!  Awesome after it was over, that is...

It was hard.  I went out 1.5hrs before I met the group to mark off 400m - 1000m distances so my athletes could do a ladder-pyramid workout.  It was on undulating to flat terrain, but the trail was bumpy, rocky and unstable.  It was a really hard workout!

I ran out, marked each distance, jogged back and redid it until the workout was done.  Then I ran back, picked up the group and ran them back out to coach and support them through the workout. 

I got almost 13k in yesterday, on tired legs from Hell Hill.  I felt tight and a bit heavy when I started, but I managed to get it done and loosen up as the workout went on.

I was so inspired watching everyone battle through last night.  You know, week after week, my athletes put faith in me.  They never really know what they're showing up for, yet the come prepared to work hard and do the best they can.  And they just hunker down and get the job done each time.  Last night was another example of how good it feels to have so much respect and to make a difference with everyones goals.  I got some great photos too...

Today I wanted to get out on my mountain bike or road bike but I am exhausted tonight.  I went for treatment on my ankle/left leg and it feels better but I am not motivated to do much of anything. 

I have a big weekend planned... we'll see if I can persevere.  1.5hr trail run with a couple girlfriends tomorrow morning and then I would like to do approx. 3.5hrs at Pin Cushion Mtn on Saturday with the group.  I think that will be close to 5-6 repeats.  OUCH. Or until my ankle lets me know otherwise.  I have the green light to run as long as it doesn't jam or bother me.  It's been hit and miss.... so I will do as my body allows.

Sarah went for laser eye surgery today, so no training for her this weekend.  She gets to veg out and dream of the sweet life at the finish line in Italy in September, instead :)

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