Friday, May 6, 2011

Fitness before Beauty...

Last night my son had his spring concert at his school.  I was so excited!  Carter has been talking about this concert for the last month and he was so pumped for Trent and I to see it.  He even went as far as to write out a map of the gym, with the stage, props, seating arrangement etc... and marked which seats we need to sit in! 

It came down to a 45min window for me to decide whether I would go for a tempo run on the trails behind the house or take a shower and look at least, presentable at my son's concert.  Well, I have never been much for wasting time on things like doing my hair and yesterday was no different!  I opted for a quick run (better than nothing!) and an even quicker bird bath ;-)

Luckily we got there just when the line of parents was forming... because I knew if we didn't get the right 'seats' Carter would be disappointed!  So we found our spots and sure enough, we landed right smack dab in front of him!

The concert was amazing and I have over 25 photos to prove it.  Carter stood tall and sang each song proud and nailed every single arm swing, leg kick, hand slap, jump up, he needed to do.  He was beaming :)  And so were we.

When we got home, I took off my flats and looked down at my feet... I guess I should have made the run 40min instead and maybe that way I wouldn't have forgotten to clean up the ring of dirt that was around my sock line still from the run!!  Wouldn't have mattered if I wasn't wearing shorts... ah well, there is a sense of pride knowing that fitness came before beauty yesterday and a little dirt ring here and there never really hurt anyone...

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