Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beggers Can't be Choosers

I had a 1.5hr window on Thursday to 'fit something in' and what presented itself during that time... hail & rain!  As I drove home, I just told myself that this is a 'no excuse' day and that I have to get out on my bike regardless of a little set-back with weather!

Seeing as I missed running the time trial last night with the group, I figured I would implement some specifics and suffer on Gordon hill repeats.  It is close to home and I could make the most out of what little time I had.  My first repeat felt like shit.  My second repeat felt worse.  So I decided to head up Dehart and do a loop with less climbing and spin the legs out in an effort to hopefully recover and get some quality training in on the weekend.  The climbs coming home were brutal.  I haven't felt that crappy on a ride in a long, long time.  It felt like a 5hr ride, not 1.5hr but regardless it was time out and mentally I worked through the 'poor weather excuse' and felt good about that.

I had some serious IMS on Wednesday and ART/grotto treatments on Thursday, so I wondered if that combined with my first MTB ride just took all the life out of my legs.  Hard to say.  The treatment that David Urness (valleyview chiropractic and massage) gave me seemed to really make a difference with my ankle though.  He broke down some lesions and scar tissue and found areas that I would have never guessed would have related to my ankle concerns.  He is always helping me and figuring out ways to keep me injury free and recovered. 

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