Monday, May 30, 2011

Century Ride Starring Carter Fortney

Century ride was awesome this year – great KCU representation and I must say the KITS look HOT!  Of course, my ‘report’ consists solely of how proud I am of our 9yr old son, Carter.  Carter rode the 56km route this year on his Kona MTB.  Taking him approx. 3.5hrs!  He was overjoyed and very proud of his accomplishment.  

 He was decked out in KC gear all the KC gang congratulated Carter and asked him about his ride and this made such a positive impact on Carter, as he truly felt included and part of the KC ‘team.’  Which is a huge part of what motivates many of us to continue to ride.  Trent and I were very grateful that Carter got exposure and to experience the ‘social and supportive’ side of doing events like this at such an early age.  So thank you to everyone who spent some time talking and including Carter yesterday.

Of course, he still had some gas in the tank and managed to be the ‘prize runner’ for Lisa and play soccer with the kids for over 1hr when we got home last night. (Trent and I might have been on the couch)  Mind you, for those of you that have seen the size of this kids legs know that it was no big deal for him.  Legs of steal!!  (insert toothpicks with bulging ankles and knee caps)  Ahh… to be young again!

Best part – he loved it and says he can’t wait until next year.  Kudos to Lisa for acknowledging the kids and making an extra effort to announce them and prize them.  It’s the little things in life…

Speaking of the little things... I want to take a moment and thank our family for their unconditional support.  This weekend my Dad and Mary offered to ride with Carter so Trent and I could do the 100k.  The weekend before, my Mom slept over (!) so Trent and I could get up early and both lead PACE groups Saturday morning.  My parents love to spend time with Carter, so I know they are always willing and excited, however the 'little things' allow Trent and I to balance our time, work, family and do the 'big things' like BC Bike Race or Gore Tex TransAlpine Run.  Cheers to family! 

 It is something we don't ever take for granted and appreciate the support that having our parents live in the same community provides us.  We enjoyed home made lamb burgers at my parents campsite after the ride, and a shout out to David and Sue who also rode with Carter and feed us post-ride :) 

I also want to say how proud I am of my Dad & Mary who started cycling last year.  Mary has made leaps and bounds around conditions that would otherwise hold someone else back.  She is pushing through and found new passion via the saddle of her bike.  My Dad too, has found a new love in cycling and giving back to his health.  I am just happy that they have found a sport that they both love doing so much and can spend time doing it together.  xo

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