Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hunger Awareness

I love working for Global Fitness Centre!  I had the best day yesterday with my fellow teammates attending a hunger awareness day at Bankhead Elementary.  We brought our bagged lunches along with over $400 that our club raised by hosting a Hunger Awareness Day the previous day.

Giving back feels SO good and I am grateful that I work for an employer and business that really cares about helping the community get fit, stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.  This was the 4th charity event we either created or jumped on board with so far this year and I am already planning the next one for June!

I wish I was feeling more motivated for my fitness yesterday.  Other than my morning Yoga ritual, I couldn't find time to fit my run in and with a busy week ahead of me had appointments and other things I have been putting to the side, that needed to get done.  All doesn't feel lost though after attending such a positive event!

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