Monday, February 13, 2012

Fish Taco Fridays to Black Mountain Bliss Sundays

What a great weekend of both training and social/family activities.  After missing a full training weekend last week, I crawled back (slowly) to 65km of running this week and close to a 13hr total training week. 
Friday was a really great day for me.  I spent the morning and part of the afternoon visiting with my Dad & Mary at the cancer clinic while Mary received her 2nd chemo treatment.  We received some great news that her lymph node has shrunk and it seems her cancer has not spread any further and is holding it's ground.  So while she isn't cured, this was a fire works delivery of positive news and I think we are all feeling grateful :)  I am just really happy for the quality time I had with both of them and I really have to say how inspiring it is to see Mary tackle her chemo and her illness with such fire, positivity and strength.  I really admire her...

My Dad and I went out to get lunch and we ended up at Original Joe's to surprise her with one of her fav's: fish tacos!  We took the opportunity to snag a photo :)  That night I had a great spin session with one of my fellow fitness instructors from Global (Jordan Cheyne) who lead us through a challenging and fun endurance real ride and then I taught 45min of balance, core, strength and stability work following his ride.

Saturday brought me a new experience in my life.  After fitting in a brief trail run behind the house and hanging out with Carter/Trent in the afternoon - I was off to the ballet!  My boss, Darcia, treated us to a beautiful dinner at the Yellow House before hand.  It was a lovely night and once again, feeling grateful for the gift of time that I got to spend with her, Stephanie and Marlene.  And the ballet was beautiful!

Sunday's was great!  Morning run with the PACE pep's and then family time.  I was pretty bagged after the run and for the rest of day.  So we stuck close to home and had lots of snuggle time and watched a movie.  The greenway was to icy this morning so groups had to improvise and our group did just that!  We ended up having tour guide Sarah Macleod take us all around Black Mountain for 33km and 2500 feet of climbing.  It was a really great weekend with a good mix of recreation, family and friends.

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